Saturday, August 28, 2010

Enough Lollygagging, Back to Work!

With the bears now in the rear view mirror, another creature calls out to be painted.  Only one of these is planned, the thought of one hundred of anything else right now makes me woozy. 

A 12" x 24" board was gessoed, and a thin layer of Fiber Paste was applied.

A favorite creature of choice, the enigmatic giraffe, was sketched on the board. This particular giraffe is of the Reticulated variety, and her name is Jasiri.

Another layer of Fiber Paste was applied with palette knives, sculpting the giraffe, and starting to 'raise' her from the background.  Parts of her anatomy, like the nose, are getting thicker paste layers to 'force' the perspective a bit.

Two more layers of paste trowled on.  I'm going to need a cement truck full of Fiber Paste at this rate.  I wonder if they sell it by the tanker full.

And since I like working on a black background to create a somewhat 'batik' look.....

Her raised outline is my guide now.  Tomorrow I'll chalk in some more guidelines.


Cynnie said...

mmm this looks interesting....I love following along!
Cynthia Schelzig

Nancy Goldman said...

Another interesting concept from you. Who'd a thunk?

debwardart said...

Love your creativity and your descriptions as you go along! Looks like fun! I've got a commission that I want to raise up one little section, maybe I'll try this technique!

Margaret Bednar said...

"Reticulated Variety"? LOL I love the raised perspective. Can't wait to see the finished project. Would love to see a photo of ALL the bears together!