Saturday, August 21, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #97 - Color Copycat

An interesting way I find to stretch myself artistically is to try new color schemes.  It gets me to use hues I don't normally use in ways I don't normally use them. 

One artist that I like that has a distinct and interesting use of color is Daniel Corey.  To me, his paintings always seem to have an underlying illumination to them, even without a wide range of values.  I wanted to take the colors from one of his paintings, and use them on the bear.  Dan graciously gave me permission to do this, and even provided his color palette.

For the color scheme, I used one of Dan's paintings that had distinct warm and cool color areas.

The Last Of The Monhegans
Daniel Corey

Dan uses the Phthalos, distinctly powerful little blue and green jewels that can be color bullies against the stouter but less intense cadmiums if not reined in a bit.  The Phthalos are not normally on my palette, so using them was a learning experience in and of itself.

I wanted to use all of the major color spots in Dan's painting on the bear, even the greens of the shrubs.  Since the bear lacks shrubbery, they had to be added in where value permitted.  I used my high tech Index Card Color Isolator to examine all of the color variations.

Color Copycat Bear

A fun, thought provoking exercise that pulled me out of my habitual comfort zone of color use.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Another really creative approach. I avoid the pthalo colors because of their intensity, but you have made me reconsider with what you have so successfully accomplished here.
I am going to miss this challenge!

debwardart said...

Woo - almost need sunglasses to look at this one!
(And then there were 3 . . . . )

Margaret Bednar said...

Wowza. This is fantastic! The stained glass is so cool too... You are amazing. How are you possibly going to top these two foe the finish. I will stay tuned...

Lisa Walsh said...

It was a real eye-opener, Claire. I still don't know if I would use them on a regular basis, but they're fun to experiment with.

Get those Foster-Grants out, Deb!

Thanks, Margaret! Maybe I should have saved the stained glass one for last....