Saturday, August 7, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #83 - Sprinkles Collage

When asked for imaginative suggestions on how to create this bear, one idea came up again and again: collage.  Cynthia Schelzig suggested collage and transfers.  A resourceful and interesting, but possibly too time consuming idea for a bear-a-day.  One of Tracy Wall's suggestions was a collage out of wall paper samples.  (A wonderful suggestion that made me grin and chuckle, but when we first moved into our house, almost every room was covered in flocked foil wallpaper.  It felt like we were standing inside a candy bar wrapper.  It took weeks to rid ourselves of that horror.  To this day, wallpaper is not allowed on the premises.)

One of Deb Ward's suggestions was a collage using marshmallows for the lights, and chocolate for the darks.  As I stood in the bakery isle at the grocery store and contemplated the concept of artwork that could be turned into smores,  a sudden vision of those smores going directly to my hips popped into my head.


Okay, how about something a little less tempting for the Calorically Challenged.  Then these came into view.

Hmmmm...I could work with these.  At home, the bear was sketched, and a thinned mixture of matte soft gel was used as an adhesive.

Sprinkles Collage Bear

I should have stuck with just the sprinkles instead of using the candy shapes in the background, but what the heck, it's all in fun.  And I have decorations the next time I make cookies.  A win-win situation.


Cynthia a.k.a Cynnie said...

Hi Lisa...this has to be the ULTIMATE bear as of colorful...and you can even eat him if your blood sugar gets too low!...he looks fabulous!!! Thanks for the plug too:)

RHCarpenter said...

How sweet! ha ha I really enjoy your foodie bears :) What next? Jello? Pudding? What does your family think when you create these?

debwardart said...

Tooooooo funny! Sorry about the s'mores idea (who knew you had a diet-conscience conscience that precludes the use of marshmallows and chocolate in the pursuit of artwork!!!!)
I, too, will miss these bears - but I'm sure you will think of something to keep us enthralled!!!

Lisa Walsh said...

LOL Cynnie, and thank you. And always happy to mention wonderfully creative artists.

LOL to you to, Rhonda. Oooooo, I didn't think of jello. Pudding would be fun, too, albeit a bit messy. My significant other laughs, critiques, gives me lots of support, and a well meaning kick in the pants when I have doubts about doing this art thing.

Deb, you don't know HOW tempted I was to do the smores thing...marshmallows are a guilty pleasure, and a bag doesn't last long around here.

Terri Buchholz said...

Uh-oh, I knew it was going to be something when I saw jars of sprinkles. Is it inappropriate to lick someone's painting?

Lisa Walsh said...

Terri - what happens between you and a painting stays between you and a painting. :P