Saturday, August 14, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #90 - Acrylic Skins

Are we really at #90 already?!  I feel as if we've just begun. :-P

One of the things I love about acrylics is their versatility.  There are almost countless oodles of things you can do with them, which makes my inner Mad Scientist cackle with glee.  Today we're going to play with acrylic skins, which are sheets of dried acrylic paint.

Yesterday, I applied paint in various colors to two tempered glass cutting boards that I use as palettes.   The paint was left overnight to dry.

Today, the paint patches were peeled up off of the glass intact.  One of the myriad of things these skins can be used for is collage.

 Acrylics by their very nature lose volume when drying, and thicker skins are much easier to work with.  When I applied the paint to the cutting boards, I thought I applied it thickly enough.  Oh...not so.  When dry, these skins were almost paper thin.  The skins also retain a bit of stickiness until they're fully cured, which means they stick to themselves, to you, and to almost anything else they come in contact with.  The only place they weren't sticking is where I wanted them to.  So the whole exercise was akin to trying to tear sheets of Saran Wrap into little pieces, and glue them to a board.  The words that were flying out of the studio today were not words that you would find in any dictionary.

 Acrylic Skins Bear

Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I'm stuck to my keyboard, and need to go wash up. 


Earthula said...

That is great! Acrylic Paint collage.

RHCarpenter said...

I'd like to visit your brain for just a day - you have so much going on in there and are so creative!

Cynnie said...

Well I have to say it looks like it was worth every nasty word that you know!!! Your bears are sooooo cool!
Cynthia Schelzig

Lisa Walsh said...

Thanks Earthula.

LOL Rhonda. You'd have to get all the dust and cobwebs out of the way first before you found anything to look at.

debwardart said...

Funny! You are into the home stretch (or maybe like the 10 little indians) now!!!

Nancy Goldman said...

This is another creative idea. Where do they all come from?

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Creativity continues to reign! This is terrific.