Saturday, September 4, 2010

Psychedelic Giraffe and Blog Repair

After a few days of frantically trying to catch up on everything I let lapse around here, it's time once again to sit down and catch up on what's going on in the blog world.

Here's the continuation and completion of the giraffe:

The first layer of the background was filled in, and the salient spots were chalked in on her face.

The first colors were blocked in.

 Several layers and glazes were added.

And here is the final result:

24" x 12", acrylic on hardboard
© 2010, Lisa Walsh

I submitted this to the Cincinnati Art Club's Viewpoint Show.  I have my fingers and paintbrushes crossed that it gets accepted into the show.  If it does, that'll be a big first in my fledgling art career.

There was a submission deadline for the show, and I didn't leave myself enough 'comfort time' to get her done.  You think I would have learned by now, but I cut my time too short, and wound up doing marathon painting sessions to finish her by deadline.  Now I see at least a dozen things that I would change, but it's too late.  I need some 'simmer' time to take a break from a piece and come back to look at it with fresh eyes.  Lesson learned.

And another lesson learned...I had the yen to clean up the Picasa account that Google so happily supplies when a Blogger account is created.  I went through what was there, sorting and organizing, and deleting the things that somehow seemed to multiply on their own, or no longer seemed useful or pertinent.

You know when you go to delete something, and a little dialogue box pops up and says "Are you sure you want to do that?", and you just mindlessly click "Yes, of course I want to do that, why do you keep asking me, you're really getting to be an annoying little dialogue box."  Well, I failed to completely read the annoying little dialogue box.  If I had, I would have realized that the annoying little dialogue box was telling me that whatever I deleted from Picasa was also simultaneously being deleted from this Blog. 


I had wiped out about three quarters of the blog photos before I realized the swath of destruction I was creating, and there was no way to undo it.

Well, there were a lot of bloggy-type things I needed to catch up on.  Add 'replace photos' to the list.


Margaret Bednar said...

I absolutely love love love the blue. Very creative and I love the way this face just pops out at me. Very fun and I hope you get into the show.

Cynthia Schelzig,,,Cynnie said...

This has to be the coooolest giraffe I have ever seen!!! I hope he gets into the show for you! You made me laugh about your story with your blog fotos...well, I mean that is not the least bit funny that the fotos get automatically deleted from your blog ,,,but when I started reading it ,,I said outloud to myself,,,ugh, doesn´t that automatically delete them from her blog...then I read on....omg!!! I was laughing,,,only due to your humorfully written paragraph mind you...not that you did this:)ahhhh don´t we learn things,,,sometimes the hard way. I hope it did not erase all the wonderful polar bears!!! Good luck recovering them all and have a good weekend.

L.W.Roth, said...

Good luck on your sweet faced giraffe entry. I too like the blue--shakes it up.

I was really interested in what you wrote about deleting from Picasa. I never even thought to go back and look at the blog posts to check. I've deleted quite a few "works in progress" type things as well as the pieces I scraped and painted over. Had no clue. Thanks for the tip.

debwardart said...

Well, I'll be learning from your mistake for sure - and will surely read the "fine print" now!!
Love the painting and do sincerely hope it gets into the show!
Just take a few deep breaths and realize that, although it will be a pain in the @$$ to clean up the blog, no one died - so how serious was it, really, in the long run?

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Your giraffe is fantastic, and I agree with Margaret about the blue. I am keeping fingers crossed for you, but don't think you'll need it!

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations

Lisa Walsh said...

Hi there, Margaret, and thank you. I just cant resist Manganese blue, Burnt Sienna combination!

Thanks Cynnie! Yep, we learn things everyday. I have now learned not to be so compulsively neat with my Picasa account. Thankfully, I had saved most of the photos on my computer, so I just need to get them back in the blog.

Hi Linda! Thanks for the good wishes. Hopefully your blog photos are still intact.

Thanks Deb. Yes, it's a pain in the ***, and it makes me sit in front of the computer longer than I would like, but, yeah, it's small stuff. Hopefully a sense of humor showed through in the blog post.

Lisa Walsh said...

Hello, Claire. Thanks for the good wishes and the crossed fingers!

Welcome, Skizo, and thank you!

RHCarpenter said...

Good luck with the show!! The blue really plays well with that orange and gives it an extra kick. Sorry about the deleting from Picasa - I was going to do that once and DID read the fine print before I said, Yes I want to do that. But like Deb said - no one died from that mistake and I hope you can get them all back.