Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #95 - Acrylic ImageTransfer

This is a great way to add  images to your paintings.  For some chemically scientific ink-y reason or other, this only works with a photocopy, and not images printed on an ink-jet printer.

I ran the photo of the bear through Photoshop, reducing it to a black and white line image, and then dutifully photocopied it.  Then it was covered with a thick layer of Clear Tar Gel.

The gel was left to dry overnight.  The following day, the bear took a bath.

 This softened up the paper so it could be scraped from the back of the transfer.

Transfer Bear

Ta-daaaa!  It worked!

And...that's as far as I got.  I had grand plans to add color to the reverse side of the image, and collage it on a painted board, but life got in the way.  Our refrigerator  hiccupped, sputtered, made all kinds of wheezy noises, and with a final clank, ceased it's cooling duties.  It's only five years old.  I'm not sure how old that is in refrigerator years, but it's much too young to die.  Thankfully we have a freezer in the basement, so those items were easy to transplant, but that left us running around the neighborhood begging fridge space from the neighbors.  A visit from the repairman tomorrow will determine if the fridge can be revived.

Ain't life fun?


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Only five more to go! This is great - and to think you got it done with everything else that was going on at your house - that's dedication!

Margaret Bednar said...

Five more to go! It has been fun watching your creativity.

Jane said...

I sure have enjoyed all 95 of these. On image transfer, I've just learned how using Elmers Squeeze and Caulk or plain old matte medium. As I learned it, the image is coated with a single, thick coat of the goo then while wet put on the paper and really pressed down. Almost right away the paper can be removed. And we are using computer print-outs, too, so we can get color.

Lisa Walsh said...

We're on the final countdown, Claire! It's so close, I think it would take more of a catastrophe than a fridge on the fritz for me to miss a day at this point.

Hi there, Margaret! Thank you. Hard to believe there's only five more...

Hi Jane. Elmers and Caulk??? I'd like to hear more about that! Everything I read about transfers said not to use ink-jet printers, but laser print-outs worked just fine. Is that what you're using? I'd love not to have to soak and scrape the paper off, it's fussy and time consuming, and I'm an impatient gal. ;)

debwardart said...

Sorry about that frig; dontcha hate it when "life" gets in the way of Art!!! (And then there were 5 . . . . )