Friday, August 13, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #89 - Jackson Pollock Drips

The heat index is over one hundred degrees.  Some yahoo who obviously failed elementary physics thought that his van and my little SUV could safely occupy the same space in the same lane at the same time.  He was sooooo wrong.  I'm sleep deprived and writing this only through the magic of caffeine and sugar.

What better time to leave the world behind and head into the studio and paint!

For this project, I mixed several different colors with Golden's Clear Tar Gel, a stringy, sticky gel perfectly suited for this purpose.  Then a palette knife was used to drizzle it on the surface.

Pollock Drip Bear

I didn't realize I should have let one color dry before applying the next, which explains the globs of paint homogenizing on the bear's neck.  Oops.  Time to go take a nap before everything within arm's reach is coated with this stuff.


Cynnie said...

Amazing....a Pollock Bear....sooooo very cooooool!!

debwardart said...

Since you are still painting I'm assuming the van/SUV accident was minor (and you are OK). 11 to go - how excited are you!!! Have a relaxed weekend.

Lisa Walsh said...

Thanks Cynnie.

Hi Deb - yes, thankfully is was minor, no one hurt and minimal damage to the vehicles. We're down to the final countdown on these bears!