Thursday, August 12, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #88 - Acrylic Batik

Given that I am drawn to texture like a gnat to a bug light, it only follows that I would be lured into a goggle-eyed stupor by styles like watercolor batik.  Here's some great examples of the genre by Deb Ward and Sandy Maudlin.   The creation of a watercolor batik is a somewhat laborious process, as you can see Deb's explanation of the method here and here. I wanted to see if I could emulate this look using acrylics. 

I started by coating a piece of illustration board with Golden's Fiber Paste, which created a subtly textured surface.  When the paste was dry, it was covered with a coat of black paint.  The bear was sketched using  white chalk, which is easy to wipe off once the painting colors are blocked in. Heavy body acrylics were scumbled over the textured surface using an almost dry brush, so the paint was just hit the ridges of the surface.

Acrylic Batik Bear

This method lacks the beautiful, subtle delicacy of the watercolor batiks, but is interesting in it's own right.  I love the interaction of the scumbled colors.  Whereas sometimes you find yourself fighting with colors, or struggling with techniques, this was a very comfortable piece to paint.  Everything fell into place quickly and easily.


debwardart said...

Pretty darn good "emulating" is what I say!

RHCarpenter said...

Another of my favorites, Lisa :) You've created an acrylic batik effect - quick, get it out there as YOUR'S before someone steals it! ha ha

Lisa Walsh said...

Thanks Deb and Rhonda.

Nancy Goldman said...

I love this technique. I have some fiber paste and I'm going to try it!