Monday, August 16, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways in 100 Days. #92 - Metallics

Shimmery things generally don't thrill me.  I have never put glitter anywhere on my person, have never owned any gold lamé clothing, I'm not into 'bling' or anything that 'sparkles' (vampires included).  But I have seen artists who incorporate glimmer and metals into their work with interesting and effective results. 

I found myself particularly enthralled by the possibilities that something like an iron oxide could produce, so off to the art supply store I went in hopes of mining some metals.

I picked up small bottles of Golden's Micacious Iron Oxide, Iridescent Bronze and Iridescent Copper.  To keep the glitz from overwhelming the bear, the metallic paints were brushed on thinly with lots of water added.

Metallic Bear

The bronze was quite the pleasant surprise, as when it was watered down, it separated into the bronze mica flakes, and an unexpected greenish-blue binder.  That allowed me to float the greenish color around without overdoing the bronze.  The copper and iron oxide didn't contain any surprise undertones, but were still fun to swirl around on the paper.


Cynnie said...

What a nice color combination...he is a shining example of decent use of the bling and glitz.

RHCarpenter said...

I really like this color combo, too - I've been meaning to try copper and cobalt blue together but have never gotten around to it. I like your metallica-bear :)

L.W.Roth, said...

Not much into glitz myself,so far, the ice blue/violet shadings work best for me. Good cool colors on the bear's underside cast by the iced underfoot. You've really gone through a lot of interesting techniques with this project. With just eight paintings left, what's next? And then what's next?

Lisa Walsh said...

LOL Cynnie. Thanks.

I like the color combination idea, Rhonda. 'Copper and Cobalt' would be a good title, dontcha think?

I agree about the shadings, Linda. I've liked those the best, too. Believe me, my little brain is feverishly working overtime trying to come up with these last ideas.