Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #73 - Midday Light

Didja ever have those days of artistic torpor?  Where ideas are vague and won't fully gel?  And then somewhere between the bewildered brain and the hand holding the brush there's a giant 'Detour' sign so the spongy little idea that's already on shaky legs takes the wrong neurological path and wanders aimlessly, never reaching it's destination?  And then the hand holding the brush realizes the brain isn't in control, and it laughs maniacally ("Bwahahahaha") and proceeds to do it's own thing?  So then you paint for awhile, and realize what's in front of you bears little to no resemblance to that spongy little idea you thought up hours ago?

That's how I'm feeling these past few days.  Like my brain isn't fully gelled.  Sometime earlier in the day, somewhere up there in the sloshy grey matter was an idea of how to paint midday light.  It didn't look anything like this.

Midday Light Bear

I think I thinked about using cool shadows on this one.  Then Brain punched out early for the day, and Brush Hand reverted back to the cool light/warm shadow formula.  The one thing that did get accomplished was strong value contrast.  At least Brush Hand was thinking clearly about that.

I just realized that this goofy little blog got a mention in Katherine Tyrrell's Making A Mark blog.   Egads.  And here I am showing off works not of deep meaning, technical acuity and artistic angst, but the works of a Bewildered Brain.  It's a wee bit embarassin'.  Sort of feels like walking into a class reunion wearing  the least holey sweat pants that were in the closet because you've suddenly gained 50 pounds from the allergy meds that the doctor gave you to control the pervasive rash of unknown origin that suspiciously developed after eating the potato salad at your mother-in-laws barbecue, and it's making you itch uncontrollably, causing one eye to twitch continually, put your sweat glands into overdrive, and given you the world's worst case of halitosis.

Yeah.  Like that.  ;-)


Cynnie said...

This is one bodacious(sp) bear!!!
Love this one and your commentary had me laughing like a wild hyena...heck I just had to look up that word toooo.....where is my Spelling for Dummies book.......

RHCarpenter said...

I love this! Truly glowing light. And why shouldn't you be in K Tyrell's blog as a mention? You are out there, working, creating, striving, and making us all laugh, too!!

Lisa Walsh said...

Thanks Cynnie - now I'm laughing like a bodacious wild hyena!

Thanks Rhonda. I read about all these wonderful artists in Making A Mark, and I don't see myself as making their caliber of art. It's like a kid who plays high school basketball suddenly seeing their name next to Michael Jordan's or something. I need to change my mindset.