Sunday, July 18, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #63 - Primary Triad Y, M, C

Today't triad is also a primary triad, but is based on the CMYK color model.  It's a subtractive color process used in printing which uses yellow, magenta, and cyan as it's primary colors, with the addition of black.

Normally I use Liquitex paints, but for today's triad I used Golden's Primary Yellow, Primary Magenta, and Primary Cyan.


You can see by the experimental color swatches below the bear that this set of primaries produced nice, clean secondaries, rather than the somewhat muddied secondaries of yesterday's color choices.  So I tried using the green in the shadows again, and it didn't turn out half as sickly and alien as yesterday's attempt.

On the gardening front, here's proof that Mother Nature has a sense of humor.

I look at this and see a cherry tomato version of Jimmy Durante (gawd, am I aging myself with that reference!).  Others have made, shall we say, less savory comments about it's appearance.

And as happens every year, the Furry Critic has proclaimed herself 'Guardian Of All Things Tomato'....

...with the ulterior motive of sneakily attempting to consume the entire crop by herself.  What's amazing is that she only picks and eats the ripe ones, so it becomes a race to see which one of us can get to them first.


debwardart said...

Catching up after 2 days away - and feeling for you (having read your "rant" from a couple days ago). However (here's my admonishment!) remember - it was you who gave yourself this challenge - what were you thinking! Like most things we get ourselves into, it probably seemed like a wonderful idea - until summer and reality set in! You are doing a wonderful job - and no one will fault you (except you!) if you take a few days off. But cheer up - you are on the "downhill side" of this challenge. And you can fortify yourself with tomatoes to keep your strength up! So do whatever you want - we'll wait!!!!!

Lisa Walsh said...

You're so right, Deb, it was totally my idea, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Actually, I still think it's a good idea. The problem is, I'm a single focus type of gal, and don't multitask well (and summer is a multitasking time of year), which created stress and a verbose rant. But, it's getting me to do art everyday, which is a good thing. And unless something catastrophic happens, I'm bound and determined to see this through. If I attempt something like this again, I would certainly think it through more thoroughly! As always, thanks for your support and encouraging words, it means a lot. :)

debwardart said...

That's me - "where never is heard a discouraging word and more paint will be spattered today" (or something like that!) Keep on paintin' (barring any and all catastrophes, which I certainly hope do not occur!) - you are getting close to your self appointed finish line and I'm learning so much from you! Maybe 10 of something next time, hmmm???? I admire your tenacity!