Saturday, July 24, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #69 - Cross Complementary Tetrad

This scheme also uses four colors.  The two sets of complements cross each other on the color wheel.

Today our complements are yellow/violet, and red-orange/blue-green.

Cross Complementary Tetrad Bear

Sticking with the cool light/warm shadow idea, I used the blue-green and violet on the light side of the bear, the yellow and red-orange on the shadow side.  It would be interesting to try this scheme in other combinations, maybe using one set of complements for the light side, one for the shadow side.  So many things to explore, so little time.  Two more color schemes, and we're on to other things.

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RHCarpenter said...

I really like this color combo and should try to use it more often in my own paintings. You are sharing a lot of knowledge with us as you work on your bears.