Friday, June 25, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #40 - Watercolor and Salt

I raided the kitchen pantry yet again.  Who knew there were so many edible art supplies?

Watercolor and Salt Bear

Hey.  Quite an interesting effect.  I used the larger grained kosher salt.   A question for all you accomplished watercolorists out there...would table salt give a different effect?


Margaret Bednar said...

table salt. Sounds like that is challenge #41! I do love the kosher, though.

debwardart said...

Yep - each kind of salt gives a different effect. Kosher is so big you can actually place the grains where you want them; table gives the most regular looking effect while popcorn salt can cause a "blizzard" effect! It's also important to get it at the "just right" stage - right when the paper begins to lose its "shine". I usually do it then, and once more, just to be safe. Humidity (or lack thereof) also effects how well it works. If it gets too "salty" you can stop the action by blowing it with a hair dryer. Aren't you glad you asked! Looks like you did a great job on this one!
So - you will now have to do at least 2 more watercolor/salt bears. Start painting - NOW!!!

Cynthia said...

Nice bear!! I find that there is a difference in the effect between table and kosher salt...due to grain size and also at what point in the wetness the salt is applied.
I look forward to the "table salt" bear :)

RHCarpenter said...

Yes, table salt is less coarse and would give you a finer look - try popcorn salt, too! I like this.

Ginny Stiles said...

yes, table salt is different.
Popcorn salt is different still.
Sea salt is different still.
Knock yourself out!

Lisa Walsh said...

Margaret, Deb, Cynthia, Rhonda, Ginny: thanks ever so much for your salty input! I'd say table salt would be bear #101, popcorn salt would be bear #102, and sea salt would be bear #103, but I'll probably be so sick of that silly bear by then. I'll have to try the salty approach on other subjects in the future.