Monday, June 21, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways In 100 Days. #36 - Food Coloring

Another foray into the kitchen cabinets led to a colorful find.

Food Coloring Bear
Food coloring on illustration board

I wasn't sure if the food coloring would act like watercolors or acrylics.  Turns out they act like watercolors.

I'm taking myself off the grid for the next few days for some R & R so I won't be able to answer comments or emails until my return.  Fear not, the polar bear will be here to greet you daily.  You also may see one or two accidental "time warp' posts; Blogger was having a snit fit while I was trying to schedule posts in advance and was posting them right away.


RHCarpenter said...

You are soooo crazy!!! Love it! Your explorations have gone to food now and food coloring (which looks pretty darned good). What's next? I can't wait to see! Have a good bit of time away and refresh your artistic batteries.

debwardart said...

Gee, and here I've spent tons of money on watercolors when all I needed was to go to the grocery store! Have fun "off the grid" - it's amazing that you really don't miss it (until you get home again!)

Cynnie said...

I am loving your polar bears...and food color,,,,whoda thunk it!!!
I love the mingle of color!