Monday, May 31, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways in 100 Days. #15: Four value, high key

A variation on the four value theme, changing things up a bit.  The middle values are mixed beforehand so there's no temptation to start overworking the areas.

Four Value High Key Bear
Acrylic on paper

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.  To the men and women who serve and have served in our Armed Forces, their families and loved ones,  I say thank you.

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Ginny Stiles said...

I happened on your blog today for the first time. Can't say where I came from...maybe Rhonda or Deb as I follow their blogs and I see you do too. I am WAY past menopause now and headed toward senility big time're going to like it...much better than hot flashes too. I am primarily watercolor but I play around with acrylic, paper painting, mixed media and even dabble in wax resist or whatever happens to grab me. Come visit my blog at
I'm making the transition from Florida to Wisconsin for the summer. Come and suffer through the transition with me! I like polar bears and enjoy how you tried all the different supports for one. I think that they could be framed together don't you think?
Like a massive quilt?