Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge: 100 Ways in 100 Days. #3: Crosshatch

Another adventure in black and white.  This one had the added bonus of Sharpie fumes.  If Febreeze ever came out with a Sharpie scent, I would buy it by the case.


Crosshatch Bear
Sharpie marker on paper

You can see that I wasn't particularly worried about being mathematically precise with line spacing and direction.  It comes as a direct result of sitting on the couch and watching TV with a cup of chai tea in hand and a cat sleeping in my lap while working on this.  Can I multitask, or what?


Sandy Maudlin said...

What a wonderful blog!!! Love the way you challenge yourself and how well you express your journey in words, too. Beautiful art.

Terri Buchholz said...

Wow - you gotta love that bear to face him/her every day! But this is going to be fun to watch. And by the way, those are very straight lines!

Lisa Walsh said...

Thanks so much, Sandy. If I really want to challenge myself, I'll have to take one of your Yupo workshops!

Terri - so far, so good, but it's only #3. Ask me again when I'm on #53. :-P