Monday, May 24, 2010

Artistic Polar Bear Challenge; 100 Ways in 100 Days. #8: Sugar

A bout of baking Banana Bread and sloppy baking habits became the inspiration for this one.  I debated trying to create it in salt, but decided to use sugar just in case I needed to lick my fingertips while moving the granules around.

Sugar Bear
Sugar on laminate countertop

An interesting exercise, but I wouldn't recommend the medium due to it's impermanence and high caloric content. At least the Banana Bread was delicious.


debwardart said...

Chalk on driveway, sugar on countertop - I'm all atwitter with anticipation - what will you think of next!!!!!!! Maybe a polar bear cookie . . . . - see, now you've got me thinkin' too!!!! - and hungry!

Lisa Walsh said...

Cookies!!! I didn't think of that! Now you've got me all atwitter too. And I'm craving cookies.