Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Rolling

I'm working hard on this blog reconstruction.  Really I am.

I think I like this template a bit better, but I lose some customization ability (and ah'm all about custom-I-zation, baby....ah should call this post 'Pimp My Blog').

There has to be a 12-step program for Blog ADD.  If not, I think I'll start one when I finally finish tweaking this one.  Ironically, it's the ADD that will prolong the time until the final tweak.

Along with another episode of Extreme Blog Makeover, there is actually some art to be seen here.  This is a quick study that will hopefully grow up to be a painting someday.

Tiger study
Acrylic ink on watercolor paper

I loved this photo reference for two reasons:
  1. There's a great abstract quality to it.
  2. It's a shining example of 'Cat-itude'.
Felines of all ilks have seemingly perfected this pose of 'nonchalant disdain'.  They feign indifference by turning their back on you, yet one ear is continually pointed in your direction like a furry radar dish, making sure you are still hovering in the area, ready to spring forth and grant their every whim.  

They've got it made.


Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

Love the pose of this tiger...wonderful!!! My cat sits like this all the time.......

jenna said...

hi lisa... love your blog! your blog redo triggered an urge in me to freshen my blog, so i spent MOST of yesterday, tweaking it...and at the end of the day i ended up almost where i started, but did organize and add links to all my favorite artists (you're on that list!)... i love artists supporting artists... my friends and family like my stuff, but when an artist i admire has a kind word to say, that really puts a smile on my face..... i like what you're doing with your blog template, but i sure miss that wonderful, colorful header from your old design... i know you're still tweakin', but thought i'd throw my two cents in... hope i'm not squashing any toes. :O)... would you consider following my blog?...i'm trying to get other artists there to help me in my journey with their comments and suggestions... yesterday's blog adventure was an eye opener for me as each artist i added to my favorite list had links to other amazing artists who had links, who had links...well you know what i mean.... good luck with this blog makeover and i look forward to following your progress....jenna

RHCarpenter said...

What a great "man working - or not" sign! And I like the cat study - could be very interesting as an almost abstract painting.

Nancy Goldman said...

You understand cats very well. I'm much too needy to have a cat own me. I prefer to have a dog that shows me every minute of the day how much he loves and needs me.
However, with that being said, I do think cats are beautiful (as long as they are living with someone else) and I can't wait to see this when you paint it again.

Ginny Stiles said...

Well, I am kind of liking the new blog format. I find the check section (garage sale, etc) to be silly. Who would ever check that even if you thought that! How mean would that be!!! I think you can take that off.

It may be time to freshen up my blog but I'll wait until I get to FL and back to high speed internet!

I can see that I need to spend an entire evening checking out all the blogs you follow. They look fabulous.

Like Jenna, I miss having a header...although having said that, it probably downloads faster without it!
Or you may just be in a search for something new.