Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bug Zapped

Sorry to have been away, but some nasty little germs went all Rambo on my poor bodily defenses and took no prisoners in the process.

Thankfully, with the aid of  much chicken soup, a comfy couch, a dog who will happily lay on my feet and keep them warm, endless old movie reruns, and more than a few days of being in a feverish semi-vegetative state, the germy little monsters have finally waved their victory flag and are off to decimate their next victim.  I'm just beginning to be able to breathe somewhat normally again, after ingesting what had to be a tanker truck full of antihistamines.

Inhale.  Exhale.  Repeat as necessary.

The blog is still a work in progress, but I didn't dare to attempt any changes while in a state of quasi-delirium.  Many of you have mentioned the lack of a colorful header - fear not! - one will be designed after a final decision is made about the template.

On the art front, I learned that my Jasiri painting did not make it into the Cincinnati Art Club's Viewpoint show.  It's a little disappointing, but it just means that I'll have to work harder, learn more, and put a better foot (brush?) forward for next year.  Congratulations to the 70 artists that made it into the show, and a big thanks to all the folks who work so hard to put the event together.

Now that I've managed an update, the wooziness is taking over again.  Back to the couch....


RHCarpenter said...

Lisa, glad you won the battle of the bugs!! Hope you're back to normal - wait, um, for you that's not the word I want...! ha ha
Anyway, I know LOTS of people who entered Viewpoint this year and I know only 1 who got in - I think it's going to be a show we will think is very unusual, maybe? Oh, well, we'll see.

debwardart said...

Sorry you were sick, but glad you have a good excuse for your recent absence!!! Take it easy, don't overtax yourself. (I think that breathing exercise sounds like it should work!) Gee, just think - if you had a heart attack you would have received a pneumonia shot AND a flu shot by now and those germs wouldn't have had a chance to linger! (See, there's an up side to everything!) Take it easy and when you get your blog in shape maybe you can give me lessons in reworking mine!!! (Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiight)!!! Take care.

Lisa Walsh said...

Ah, you know me too well, Rhonda! ;) I'll be very interested to see this year's Viewpoint show. I thought your crow entries were wonderful. I don't think I put my best foot forward, but now I can go back and change everything on the giraffe that bothered me!

You're right Deb...I have been a wee bit lax in getting my shots. Although there are apparently some positives I never thought of, maybe a heart attack would be going just a bit too far for those advantages. ;) Glad to see your ever-present sense of humor has not suffered!