Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gorilla My Dreams

We've discovered that one of the downsides of the ongoing De-Stuffing of the domicile is that...well...more of the domicile is now visible to the naked eye.  Actually, more of the flaws are now visible.  When did we put that dent in the wall?  When did that light fixture grow ten pounds of cobwebs?  And anyone who lives with canines can attest to the existence of the "dog stripe" - that line of grunge the same height as the dog that appears on vertical surfaces throughout the house.  My thought is that there is some sort of ionic flux going on between the dogs and the walls that causes the positively charged dirt particles to leap off of the dog and on the the negatively charged wall.  That's my hypothesis anyway.   Maybe we just need to wash the walls.

Or better yet, the dogs.

So now we're also busy Flaw Fixin'  as we continue De-Stuffing.

I desperately needed a Fun Break, (and jetting off to the Bahamas was out of the question), so as the paint was drying on the dining room walls, I sneaked off to do some painting that didn't require a roller and a tray.

  Gorilla Study
7" x 5", acrylic on paper
© 2010, Lisa Walsh

The thoughtful gaze on this guy intrigued me.  I wanted to try a direct painting approach again, but it quickly evolved into layers of scumbled colors that I really had some fun with.

Oooooo...texture and optical mixing!  It sends shivers down my spine.  Am I finally developing a ... (sound trumpets here)...Personal Style?

I think the paint fumes are beginning to get to me.

My Muse is opening windows for ventilation.  To...uh...something or other.....and beyond!


Crystal Cook said...

This was a highly entertaining post :)

I face the troubles of the dog stripe too! What the heck?

Gorilla looks great, very nice texture!

Nancy Goldman said...

You definitely have a personal style and I love it!

debwardart said...

Gee Lisa, really hope you can read THIS comment since the last one didn't come through clearly! (LOL)You have got "Definite Personal Style"! Love the close up - those colors all mixed together are amazing!
And I must note here that my house, once stuff-less (not planning on that occuring any time during my lifetime) will also need new paint on walls, etc. Now that you mention it, I've got dog stripe (high) and cat stripe (low) and the cats have been deceased for several years (thanks for making me feel real good about myself!)

Lisa Walsh said...

Hi Crystal! Glad you enjoyed the post. What do you do with your dog stripe?

Howdy Nancy, and thank you!

Hey Deb! Gee, no problems getting this comment. :-D Since you aren't planning on going stuff-less or painting anytime soon, just put the stuff in front of the dog and cat stripes. See? Problem solved! Feel better? ;-)

Terri Buchholz said...

Oh my gosh - is that from the song "Zoo Blues"? You would SO love it if it's not. The chorus goes "Gorilla my dreams - you're a cheetah it seems, fly are you lion to (lion to me) you otter bee sad losing me (for goodness snakes)". You'd be the other person in the world who loves that song if you know it. And it's a terrific painting.

Lisa Walsh said...

Terri - I wasn't familiar with the song, I remember the phrase from a childhood poetry book. I had to look up the song, since I'm a sucker for bad puns. Robin Williamson, right? Now I am the other person in the world who also loves that song!

liz wiltzen said...

Hey Lisa, love your writing and your art! And I hear ya about the dogs sister, I have an ongoing scrub it out session on my walls with a dog height patch of smoodgy, I don't know what, dog dirt, god, is this stuff everywhere and we can only see it on the walls? Don't answer that.

Thanks for making me laugh!

RHCarpenter said...

Never having dogs, not sure what you are talking about - and don't want to know. Having a cat, I'll trade you thrown up furr balls and that yak yak yakking until it does come up - always on the newly vacuumed carpet just before guests arrive :) Love your gorilla and this scumbling technique is great for it - makes it look furry.

SKIZO said...