Friday, March 5, 2010

Escaping the Doldrums

Forgive my lack of posts, dear readers, I seem to be fighting the Last Dregs of Winter Blues, which seem to make it difficult to do anything more than let the dogs out, open a can of Diet Coke, and mindlessly surf the web.  Thankfully the weather maven has seen fit to actually let the sun poke through the clouds today, lifting my malaise enough to prompt a trip to the easel.

I picked a rather sun-drenched subject, perhaps due to a subconscious yearning to be on a beach somewhere near the equator right about now.  My cat, Gracie, was more than happy to model for the photo.

Sun Sponge
8x10, acrylic on panel
© 2010, Lisa Walsh

After clearing the driveway for the umteenth time the other day, we decided that, in the Still Too Far Away Future, we are going to retire someplace where the annual precipitation does not have to be:
  • Shoveled
  • Plowed
  • Blown
  • or manually moved in any way shape or form
And if the as-yet-undetermined Retirement Spot is an artist community, so much the better!

My Muse is checking out vacation brochures.  To desirability, and beyond!


    Murr Brewster said...

    I was wondering who let the dogs out. Also, I know a spot just like you're describing. And it has beer in it.

    debwardart said...

    Glad you are b a a a a ck! And I wholeheartedly agree - but fear that, just as I began my days here, I will end them here. Good luck on finding Murr's "spot" - I note she tells you she knows of a spot but isn't forthcoming with said spot's location (she apparently wants to keep the beer to herself!)
    Love the cat painting.

    Lisa Walsh said...

    Point me in the direction of this Nirvana and sign me up!

    Lisa Walsh said...

    Thanks Deb, good to be back in the to the easel...well, you know what I mean. I'm starting to wonder about Murr; she was probably one of those kids who had a treehouse and wouldn't let anyone else come up and have fun. That's probably where she stashed her beer. :-P

    Kristen Reitz-Green said...


    I wouldn't be an artist if it weren't for moving to Vashon Island, just off the coast from Seattle WA. It was started as an artist community and has over 500 artists in an island community of 10,000... I love it here, check it out if you can deal with some rain, very little snow, and beautiful green everything! I grew up in Buffalo and wouldn't live anywhere else.- Kristen

    love your work!

    Lisa Walsh said...

    Thanks Kristen, and we'll certainly investigate the Potential Retirement Eden tip. We were thinking of the Seattle/Olympic peninsula geographic area anyway. I was out there a few years ago, and loved it.

    Leslie Hawes said...

    Sante Fe, New Mexico!!
    Sedona, Arizona!!

    I won't recommend Tucson, because we do have to shovel the sunshine in the summer...

    Gracie has the right idea.
    Love the Sun Sponge title and the painting.

    Lisa Walsh said...

    Ooooo...more great suggestions. I'm sensing the need for a big ol' West Coast Road Trip in the future.

    Leslie - I was in Tucson may years ago; loved the town. We went horseback riding in the desert, had a picnic in the was a great trip. Took a little side jaunt to Bisbee - what a fabulous, funky little town! I'm not sure I could do desert year round tho'(despite the abundant sunshine), I have the need for green running in my veins.

    Pattie Wall said...

    HI Lisa, experiencing a very similar condition. Must be the LOOONG winter...and here - hardly a sunny day of late. I love this painting - cats really know how to relax. When you find that special year round spot you are referring to, be sure to write about it here.

    Crystal Cook said...

    Just found your blog and must sympathize about the snow. Spring where are you?! I really like this painting, looks like it was fun to do! Your giraffe ones are great too :)

    Lisa Walsh said...

    Hi Pattie! I think if we ever have a sunny day again, I'm going to curl up next to the cat and enjoy the sunbeam. Retirement is, unfortunately, quite a few years away. On the other hand, it gives us time to explore the possibilities.

    Hi Crystal, and welcome! Thanks for your kind comments. The kitteh was fun to do, and I'm feelin' the need to do more giraffes!

    Jan said...

    Hey (as they say here in the South!)Lisa! You've been feeling much as I have so you aren't alone. I like your cat painting and can feel the sun shining on her fur.

    There's a somewhat new artist's community trying to become established in Siler City, NC ( I don't know much about it but the weather here is usually very pleasant in the winter (although we've had a couple of snows this year) and if there is any frozen precip, it usually melts pretty quickly. Summers are hot and steamy but that just means a trip to the mountains or the beach as both are fairly close at hand!

    Lisa Walsh said...

    Well, hey Jan! Thanks for the information. I'm getting so many good suggestions I'm going to have to put up a big map and put pins in suggested locations.