Monday, March 22, 2010

Stuff Wars

Recently we had begun to notice that our humble home was slowly and surely being insidiously taken over by Stuff.  Stuff began appearing in places I swear there wasn't any Stuff before. Stuff was beginning to ooze out of the closets and make it's way onto any available adjacent surface.  Old Stuff was making it impossible to put any New Stuff away, and Just Plain Crap was getting in the way of everything.  And then people kept giving us more stuff (thank you, but seriously, if we get any more pillar candles as gifts we'll be able to turn this place into a working monastery).

So to keep ourselves from inadvertently starring in an upcoming episode of "Hoarders", we decided to do a top-to-bottom, complete and utter Domicile Purge, which has kept us insanely busy the past several weeks.

And of course, now that we have donated our first Huge Pile of Stuff to the local charity, in about two weeks I'll find myself needing one of the donated items.

Not having time to paint or post the past several weeks has made me grumpy, jittery, and itchy (in that order).  Today I was determined to get a painting fix and ignore the still looming Sea of Chaos around me.  Normally, I'm a glazing fanatic, happily adding layer upon layer of glowing transparent color.  But today called for a Fast Fix, so I did a quick study using only direct painting methods.  

Kookaburra study
7" x 5"
Acrylic on gessoed paper
© 2010, Lisa Walsh
I love birds with attitudes, and crows, jays, ravens and kooks are some of my favorites.  All of them exhibit some of the "Bad Bird" persona that I find endearing and amusing.  A Laughing Kookaburra was the first bird I worked with that drew blood.  And of course it was my own blood, dripping down my face from a wound neatly speared into my forehead from that impressive bill.  I harbor no ill will, you can't blame a girl for defending her nest any way she can.  

And she kept her nest completely free of any unnecessary Stuff.

My Muse is still packing boxes.  To habitability, and beyond!


Terri Buchholz said...

I like your direct painting! Online, it almost looks like a paper-pulp-relief whatever style. I get the bird thing - I'm transfixed by our regular visits by Indiana regulars that include everything from hummers to herons. Very nice painting!

Lisa Walsh said...

Hey Terri! Thanks! It's a strange coincidence that you mention "paper pulp relief", I just picked up a jar of Golden's Fiber Paste and will be experimenting with using it as a ground.

debwardart said...

Love the quick painting. And, when you are done folding and packing your Stuff - I'll send my address and you can come and start on my Stuff!

conniep said...

Your Stuff can't compare to our Stuff! My mother and mother in law both passed away in the last year and we are swimming in Stuff from previous generations that "just can't leave the family"!!! Oy vey! Check out my blog to see the "black velvet painting" for example. Love the pesky bird picture too. Fun.

That Rebel with a Blog said...

God, Stuff. I recently moved from CA to GA and got rid of ALL my Stuff. Literally. Mostly for a song. Now, here I am, three months later, Stuffless. And having to buy more Stuff. Like a new printer that just got hooked up today. I'm now in the unique position of needing Stuff. Go figure.

Thanks for your post, I clicked over from Murr's blog. Enjoyed!

That Rebel with a Blog said...

BTW, LOVE your paintings and your blog.

Lisa Walsh said...

Hi Deb! Uh...I'm sorry...your comment didn't come through clearly...uh...yeah...that's it...I couldn't read anything about starting on your Stuff. :-P

Howdy Connie! Yep, you win. Our Stuff is more than enough, I couldn't imagine adding that much more to it. I glad the painting found a home with you, there's such a family history to it. Did you ever try painting on velvet? Egads, what a horrible surface! I did a paint by number when I was a kid, and even then swore never to do it again.

Hey Rebel! Welcome and thank you. I'll have to send Murr a beer for the referral. Does the universe seem a little out of whack when you have a place and your Stuff, then you have to get rid of the Stuff so you can get a new place, and then you need to get new Stuff for the new place???? I'd be all for starting a Go Stuffless movement, but then that means I'd have to give up this computer, and then there goes all the blogging fun. *sigh*

Terri Buchholz said...

Hey new stuff can rarely hold up to old stuff. Just like you said Lisa, you'll surely want it back at some point. I'm forever dieting and when I'm skinnier, I'll get rid of the bigger sized stuff - but inevitably, when I'm porked up again I'll want that Mexican peasant blouse or gauzy smock thing back.

Lisa Walsh said...

Terri, you totally crack me up!