Friday, April 9, 2010

How Fast Is A Rhino?

When the library books are overdue, the garden already needs to be weeded, there's not a damn thing in the house for dinner, the laundry pile is so big it qualifies for it's own zip code, the dogs have the ya-ya's and are driving you crazy, and you eke out a spare minute to slap paint on any agreeable surface and post a color study....

 Rhino Study

...then a rhino is this fast.

My Muse is a blur.  To brevity, and beyond!


debwardart said...

I'm impressed - you actually have time to READ!!! Gave up gardening when I started painting (something you might consider) - just plant some green-ish ground cover instead (mine is now climbing up the front of the house, as an added bonus!) There's always fast food! (and I'll bet a can of soup squirreled away!) The thing about laundry is you can do something else while the machine is running (something other than cleaning, I mean!) Thank goodness our dog is either sleeping inside or sleeping outside! Eek - my spare minutes are spent on the computer spouting nonsense to strange people I do not know or on the computer doing important things for the various art organizations I'm involved with (and sometimes actually painting!)
I always look forward to your posts - your great paintings, and your last little fun lines!!!

Murr Brewster said...

At least your blues isn't a Murr! The speed and confidence make the piece. I wish I could do that, but I putter and fuss.

RHCarpenter said...

Wow! Great job - and I already know I'm gonna put your blog on my sidebar because you made me laugh twice already :) I love artists who are good at art...and life (that means, they don't take it too seriously).

Lisa Walsh said...

Hi Deb! I already have greenish groundcover taking over all of my planting beds. I believe normal people call them weeds.

Fast food is a staple in this household. My idea of the four food groups is: Instant, Canned, Frozen and Microwaveable.

How can you get away with spouting nonsense to people you don't know? If I do that, someone files a restraining order.

Hi Murr! As usual, your dexterity with the English language makes me grin. I don't know how I did this piece so quickly, my usual pace is Mosey. (I would have said I 'futter and puss', but that sounds, well, gross.)

Howdy, and welcome Rhonda. Loved your blog. Great work, and can't wait to see the result of your Spanish Moss research.