Friday, April 30, 2010

The Care and Feeding of a Muse

Ya know, as I was working on these polar bear value studies, I realized that this was my opportunity to hop a boxcar on the 'Artists Like To Do Things In 100's' train.  Carol Nelson  has almost finished her '100 Portraits in 100 Days' odyssey.  Claire Beadon Carnell  is about to embark on her 'Inspirations From A Backyard - 100 paintings in 100 days' journey. And then, of course, there's the 100 Paintings Challenge website.

So it's time to take a train ride.  But instead of doing 100 different subjects, why not do a single subject a hundred different ways?  Various media, different grounds, a selection of color schemes, a myriad of methods of application (feather duster....check.  Slightly squishy potato...(ugh)...check. the cat is not interested in assisting my artistic development.  Where did I leave the Band-Aids?).  Anyway, it's the makings of a hearty meal for a Muse.

So I sat myself down in a comfy chair, Diet Coke in hand and dogs at my side, and began listing all the methods I'd like to employ on the Polar Bear.  I know there has to be about a kajillion.  Right now I'm at twenty-five.  Shows how atrophied my creative side has become.  In frustration I start to grumble to myself. "Why must artists insist on doing things in 100's?    Nice round number?  Looks pretty in a blog title?  10 is also a nice round number, and a helluva lot easier.  Why can't artists like to do things in tens?"

Because ten barely scratches the surface.  Ten is just a start.  If you do something ten times, you've learned a little from the experience.  If you do it one hundred times, and that little bit of experience gets multiplied, then you've learned a heckuva lot more.  So I give a little nod of thanks to all of the fabulous artists out there who push me beyond my lazy little comfort zone.

I was going to call this little project '100 Ways To Do A Bear', but was afraid of what kind of weird traffic it would draw to this poor little blog.  So coming soon to a computer screen near you:  'The Artistic Polar Bear: 100 Ways in 100 Days'.

So how to you feed a Muse?  Start by pouring creative juices in a pot.  Add a handful of inspiration, dollop of curiosity, a zest for exploration, a bunch of fun, a load of playfulness, a dash of whimsy, and a hearty peal of laughter.  Add other ingredients to taste.  Set it to a simmer for a lifetime.

Tickets please, this train is about to leave the station.  Let's start at the very beginning.


debwardart said...

I'm all atwitter to see more of your ideas if the meat and veggie platter is an indication of things to come!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I am really looking forward to what you will do with that great creative force of yours!

RHCarpenter said...

Well, looks like you already know how to work with food so I'm on board and waiting for your next creation! And bravo, you, for being brave enough to do this - 100 of anything scares me to death!