Friday, January 15, 2010

Starting the Car

Here's the progress so far on this ol' girl.  The intrepid researchers at WetCanvas discovered that this is a 1931 Hupmobile Model U. No joke.  There really were such things as Hupmobiles. This particular Hupmobile, as the story goes, was last driven in 1946, and now is spending it's retirement years in Palmer, Alaska. 

So far, this one has been a total hoot to paint.  Maybe it's the subject matter, maybe it's the colors (who knew rusty metal would be so much fun to paint), maybe it's just getting the time to do some studio work, but sometimes the planets align, and everything falls into place.  I'm just enjoying the ride.

My Muse has buckled up.  To corrodibility, and beyond!


Leslie Hawes said...

What a perfect crop! The two light rounds really make this a pleasing abstract composition.
Yep. I would be likin' this, too.
I'm a bit of a rust freak myself. Very colorful, rust.

Barb Hillier said...

This really looks like it was fun to paint. I love your style. As for your previous post I too feel that it would be nice to join a group to paint with sometime and am looking in my area for one. The internet blogging has been fantastic but there is nothing like interaction with real people.

debwardart said...

Rusty stuff is great fun to paint!!! This looks great. Hope you find some artists to get together with in your area.

Lisa Walsh said...

Thanks Leslie! It does look a bit abstract, doesn't it? I think I'm going to join the Rust Freak Club. :-)

Hi Barb! Thank you. Some personal artist interaction would be nice, wouldn't it? Good luck finding a group in your area.

Hi Deb! Thanks! I'm looking.....