Saturday, January 30, 2010

Okay...I Did

I'm calling her done.

Uptown Girl
12" X 6" X 3/8", acrylic on board
© 2009, Lisa Walsh

Thanks to Billy Joel for the title idea for this one, although I'm pretty sure he didn't have a giraffe in mind when he wrote the song.  Anyway, I had waaaaaaay too much fun with this one, and I discovered the joy of scumbling.  I can honestly say that I don't think I ever scumbled before, but it worked beautifully for the background.  I shall now scumble with abandon.  Woo-hoo!  A new skill to add to the artistic toolbox.  This was so much fun, I'm going to do another small one for the silent auction.  Then I may have to do a few larger ones.  For the moment, Giraffes have usurped Rust as my Subject of Obsession.  I think I may be suffering from Artistic ADD.

My Muse refuses to go on Ritalin.  To impressionability, and beyond!


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I love your term 'Artistic ADD'! Think I may be suffering from the same thing the way I flip from subject to subject, and painting to painting!
This is just downright GOOD! I love the colors, the subject matter, the way it is painted. Really great stuff here.
I know I will be checking in to see if there are any more giraffes!

debwardart said...

Love the blue added to the ears and horns (if that's what they are called?) - she's so tall her head is in the sky!!!!! And love your enthusiasm for learning! (Just don't abandon the rust for scumbling!!!)

Jan said...

Giraffes are my absolute favorite wild animal & this one is just the best I've ever seen!

As a matter of fact, I like all of your paintings and the humor and freshness of your blog is one of the best that I read!

Thanks for changing the comment form so I can tell the world how great you are!lol

Caroline said...

ohhh, I've been looking to find a modern day artist to follow-
forgive me dear Di Vinci,Van Gogh etc- so Lucky me for discovering your great site! "Uptown girl" is my complete favourite...
with love Caroline x

Lisa Walsh said...

Caroline, you flatter me beyond belief. Only in my wildest dreams could I even begin to aspire to accomplish a fraction of what the great artists of history did. But you're great for the ego! :-)