Thursday, October 29, 2009

What? Again? Srsly, get a new subject.

Well, I wasn't able to maintain the frenzied and feverish paint-and-post-a-day pace that I kept up for TWO WHOLE DAYS, but I was able to paint enough that another post is warranted at this time.  Yes, it's another dog painting (or shall I say a painting OF one of my dogs, not that one of my dogs suddenly picked up a brush and became a Canine Caravaggio.  If that was the case, THE DOG would be the one doing the painting, and writing the blog, and I would be the one napping on the dog bed.  Of course, this little arrangement would garner national attention, and then you'd see us on the Today show or something, maybe even Oprah, and then we'd be wrangling book deals and a contract for a reality show, and maybe a line of art supplies....:sigh:...although, come to think of it, all of that adds up to nothing but a boatload of stress, and who needs that?  I'll keep the dogs away from the easel.  They would probably show me up, anyway.)  And yes, it's Hailey again.  Can I help it if she's so darn photogenic?

There were two things in particular I liked about the photo source.  One was the high point of view, which led to an unusual but workable composition. The second was the light.  And the ability to do a great complementary color scheme.  OK, three things.  And they all seemed to work together pretty well.

More layers and glazing,
and finally...

"Sun Dog"
10" X 8", acrylic on Canson paper
©2009, Lisa Walsh

The Burnt Sienna-ish/Cobalt Turquoise-ish complementary color scheme is one of my absolute favorites.  It just strikes a happy little color chord in my brain.  Sidney Carter uses it to beautiful effect in many of his paintings, which is one of the myriad of reasons he is one of my favorite artists.

My Muse is off diligently photographing new subject matter.  To diversity, and beyond!


Leslie Hawes said...

OK. So not only can you paint like all get out, but you write pretty darned good, too! You have a great writing style.
The sienna/turquoise scheme is presently my favorite, and you do it sooo well in this painting.

Lisa Walsh said...

Thanks so much Leslie, you're too kind. Someday I hope to achieve "all get out". Right now I'm just happy with "something recognizable on the page". :-)