Friday, September 18, 2009

All from one

One of my favorite artists, Karin Jurick, holds a bi-weekly painting challenge on her Different Strokes From Different Folks blog. She posts a photo, and artists create works based on the photo, and submit it to the blog. It's so interesting to see the myriad of different crops, colors, styles, media, and each artist's personal take on a single subject, all in one convenient place. I've found artists that I really like who have submitted work to the blog. Back in June, Karin posted a pic of a plate of fresh Georgia veggies. This was my submission.

"Veg Out"
8" X 8" on Canson Montval Acrylic paper

It was a really fun exercise. I could have probably muted the shadows a bit, but I must confess that I'm obsessed with shadows and what can be done with them. Shadows are colorful. Shadows are expressive. Shadows are just plain fun to paint. Hmmmm...I can see a series somewhere in the future based just on shadows.

My Muse is checking the weather report for sunny days. To commonality, and beyond.

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