Saturday, February 20, 2010

118 Ways To Say Thank You

As an expression of appreciation to Karin Jurick for all of her time and effort she devotes to her Different Strokes blog, Jill Polsby secretly arranged for many of the artists who participated in the annual portrait challenge to paint a portrait of Karin.  118 artists participated in this artistic group thank-you.  Jill gathered and collated the collection, and the resulting parade of portraits was sent to Karin.  All of the  portraits can be viewed here.
7"x5", acrylic on acrylic paper
© 2010, Lisa Walsh

As far as portraits go, I can't stand am not fond of this effort.  My focus pin-pointed down to trying to get the likeness correct, and as a result, everything else tightened up like piano wire.   Without relaxing and enjoying the process, the whole thing came out looking taut and constricted.  Then my habit of procrastinating left me no time to redo it before the deadline.  

Will I never learn?

 Anyway, a huge thank you to Jill for arranging and coordinating the entire effort, and another huge thank you to Karin for her inspiration and her insistence that we stretch ourselves artistically.

To ease my disappointment in the outcome of the portrait, I delved into the shipment of Girl Scout cookies, and have successfully Do-si-doed myself into a stupor.

My Muse is looking for the Pepto Bismol.  To gluttony, and beyond!


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I always enjoy visiting your blog, seeing your artwork and reading your posts! You've done a magnificent job with Karin's portrait.

Margie Larson's Bittersweet Arts said...

Lisa-- you make me laugh I wish that I could write as well as you. Thanks for the smiles.