Friday, November 27, 2009

Carbohydrate Overload

I really intended to get this finished yesterday, before the start of the bacchanalian feast known here in the U.S. as "Thanksgiving".  It's our day to surround ourselves with loved ones (or family, as the case may be), give thanks for what we have (or gripe about what we don't), and eat to the point where we collapse on the couch in a self-induced coma of gluttony.   It's also the annual economic boon to turkey farmers, wineries, and antacid manufacturers everywhere.

I have much to be thankful for, far too many things to list here without making your eyes glaze over, and making your index finger click the 'back' button on your browser.  To be succinct, I am eternally grateful for Net, my ever supportive "partner in crime", our health, our wonderful friends and family, our cuddly and adorable pets, and a place to call home.  Im also eternally grateful and thankful for the people who chose to read, follow, and comment on this blog, your support and interaction is invaluable to me.  And to the fellow artists I've had the priveledge to get to know the past year, both in person, on the blogs, and on the forums, you are an inspiration, and your encouragement helps keep this little art dream alive.  'Nuff said.

So as you can see,  Right Brain won out, and another Chuck piece was the result.  I'm not confident enough yet to put down thick strokes of pure color.  I'm also quite nearsighted, so I have a habit of sitting way too close to the easel, even with my glasses on.  The colors look quite individual when your nose is mere inches away from the canvas, but back up a little, and it all blends in together.  Another bad habit I'm going to have to overcome.

Ground Chuck
7" X 5", acrylic on Canson paper
©2009, Lisa Walsh

Now I need to shift gears a bit.  At our annual Zoo Holiday party this year, my co-workers and I have the chance to display our artistic side. It may be paintings, drawings, stories, poems, crafts, or whatever creative bent we may have.  For me, it'll be paintings of wildlife, and the occasion to have my art publicly viewed.  In person.  For the first time.  I'm not freaking out about this.  Yet.

My Muse is putting away the Chucks.  To opportunity, and beyond!


Terri Buchholz said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and gotta say, I enjoyed it ...looking for the words here, a lot. Now, why do you call your sneaker Chuck? Is that something everyone else knows or ? My current favorite pair is identical except they're pink but it never occurred to me name them. And I admire that you collect color wheels. Now I'll be paying attention to these details.

Lisa Walsh said...

Hi Terri! Thanks for following and for your comment.
I actually didn't name my shoes, although it seems like a fun idea. Converse Shoes has several lines of shoes named after their designers (I guess that's what they are). One of the designers is Chuck Taylor, so his line of shoes are affectionately known as Chucks. It sounds like you have yourself a pair of pink you know what to call them. :-)